The Girl on the Train to Nowhere

Saturday was date night which involved the long-awaited movie The Girl on the Train. Like most bestselling thrillers, I was first aloof to the popularity of the psychological thriller by British author Paula Hawkins –… View Post

Carrie Bradshaw, Bridget Jones and all the Other Fictional Women We Love

Sarah Jessica Parker – more affectionately called SJP by all of us – is about to make her small screen comeback after 12 years with Divorce, an new TV series she produces and stars in.… View Post

Six Ways to Look Luxe for Less

Fashion Weeks are over, once again leaving us lusting after labels in a bid to look luxe for less; posh and minted, even when we are skint. Let’s not fool ourselves, unless you are working… View Post

Supersize your Weekend in Seven Easy Steps

“But it’s just 48 hours,” I hear you say. The weekend. Indeed, between the time we skip and hop out of work screaming “TGIF!” inside and the time we shuffle into the office, double espresso… View Post

Time to Shake up your Makeup Routine

A new season is upon us, and there is no better time than autumn, with plenty of time spent indoors, to de-clutter the drawers, clear out the cupboards and give your makeup a shake up.… View Post