About Me

Live, Love, Laugh, Write…

Welcome to my newest postcode on the cyber-world.

I live for the media.

Turkish by birth, Nigerian by marriage, British by choice. A woman in her 30s, I am passionate about writing and photography; telling stories that interest, intrigue and inspire. Whatever piece of paper I put my pen to or whichever corner of life I turn my lens to, I am driven to bring the world stories untold for the first time, or stories told many times over from my very own bilingual, tri-cultural angle. I am an insider by association and yet the eternal outsider, looking towards home from afar, looking afar from where I lay my hat and call home – currently, for your information, this is the UK.

Crazysexycool woman of class and elegance… perfectionist to a fault, empathetic, sensitive, gentle, complicated, multi-layered, multi-tasking, over-analytical, borderline obsessive compulsive, genuine, brutally honest, laid-back, easygoing, introverted, reflective, introspective, stubborn, pessimistic, self-deprecating, born-worrier, sarcastic, sassy, crazy, cool, kooky. I’m just me.

Some may know me as a part of the SubySinem – the husband and wife photography team who used to post regularly on the Shutterchance photo community since 2005 while some others may be familiar with my work as the editor-in-chief of FAB Magazine.

What began as a 12-year-old’s hustle on the streets of Silivri, Istanbul, selling a home-made magazine in 35C+ temperature in high summer ended up as a dream come true: 15 years (and counting) in the media. Telling stories, whether it is through text or images or videos is what I live for… Amongst other things of course, like long summer evening, cat videos and Oreo’s ice cream!

I started a career in the media first as a freelance writer for numerous publications including Elle Turkey, Colures, Arise, True Love West Africa, New African, New African Woman to name a few before being appointed as a contributing editor at BHF Magazine in 2007 where I was then promoted to managing editor.

In 2005, I took up photography and trained as a self-taught photographer. I worked with my husband and business partner on a number of fashion editorials published in a range of publications including Trendsetter (Turkey), Arise, Pride, Colures, True Love West Africa. I have since hung up the Canon and do more of iphonography.

In 2009 I co-founded FAB Magazine where I also worked as editor-in-chief while still contributing to a range of African publications.

In 2012, I co-founded S TWO Media, a fashion, lifestyle and entertainment communications company specialising in publicity, production and talent management.

Since its inception in 2012, S TWO Media has placed stories on CNN, BBC, Arise TV, Bloomberg Africa, VOX Africa, OH TV, Spice TV, Silverbird TV, Africa Magic, BBC 1 XTRA, BBC4, in publications such as New African Woman, Pride, FAB, Black Hair, Black Hair and Beauty, Genevieve, Complete Fashion, WOW! Magazine, ThisDay, Vanguard, The Sun, The Nation, The Guardian, Nigerian Watch, The South African.

In 2015, I joined IC Publications, the publisher of leading pan-African publications New African, African Business, African Banker and New African Woman as Marketing Director looking after both the publications and events arm of the company, IC Events – a job that gets me to flex many a creative muscle in all aspects of marketing from imagery to content.

Here we are, some 20 odd years after I launched my first amateur magazine as a tween keen to spend a summer writing, cutting and pasting, and after decades in the media, finally I own my little corner of the cyberworld where you are likely to find my writer’s portfolio, images from published work and unpublished archives, random musings on this world we live in as well as all that makes life worthwhile – chocolate, lazy Sunday mornings, lush summer evenings, pretty heels, good reads, delicious wine, seaside, romantic comedies, cute cats, distant climes.