10 cutest sights at The Parks Trust Milton Keynes Big Doggie Do

This years Big Doggie Do by The Parks Trust Milton Keynes took place over the Bank Holiday weekend at Willen Lake North. Just two days shy of Doodles’s birthday, it made a great birthday treat for the doggie.

Over two days, we enjoyed the nice weather (with a tiny bit of drizzle on Sunday), the cutest dog show contestants, outdoor swimming from K9 Aqua and many more amazing sights. And I might have gone a little bit trigger-happy with my camera.

Here’s the 10 cutest sights we saw at the Big Doggie Do selected by Doodles and yours truly.

Doods and poos

The doodette in chief

“Doods over dudes” as we always say. And poos should not be confused with anything but poodle crosses. As a Goldendoodle, Doodles can’t help but love anything that looks like her so doods and poos had to be on this list.

Tongues out

With the mini heatwave, it was no surprise to see many a tongue hanging out. You would have been forgiven to think it was #tonguesouttuesday

The smiles

There were also plenty of lovely canine smiles and pearly whites on display. If smiles and waggy tails are anything to go by, a fun day was had by all.

Tall, leggy, fashionable blonde with a good sense of humour looking for a man standing over 30inch at the shoulders for short sprints in the park and sharing treats and pawsecco with.

What do you men I am sulking? This is my resting b£$ch face

The pups

Little puppas were out in their droves too. Itty bitty French Bulldogs, Springer Spaniels, Cockapoos were a delight.

Doggy swim 

What’s more fun than watching dogs run around? Why, watching them splash around in water of course. With K9 Aqua’s outdoor pool, pooches got to enjoy (or in some cases endure) a cooling swim.

Mummy, I think I am just going to watch from the side.

The contestants

Regardless of who won what, and at the risk of sounding like a middle school teacher, they were all winners.

The dog people 

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog.
None of them are wrong.”

It is hard to explain the bond between a human and their canine pal and sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. It was great to see and capture scenes of human-canine companionship and meet people who loved their pooches as much as I love mine.

The fun family vibe 

Big Doggie Do catered just as much to families as it did to dog owners. It was one of those dog shows you could enjoy without the need for a dog. Temperatures at mid-20s and clear blue skies helped too!

Saxon the rough haired Collie

He made a deserving champion of the The Dog the Judges Would Most Like to Take Home Class and a very worth representative of Animals in Need charity.

Canine stall-owners

From Baxter of Baxter’s boutique to Maisie to others whom we didn’t get to meet properly, almost every stall was ‘manned’ by a canine companion. If you see a pair of twinkling eyes and a waggy tail behind the counter you are most likely to shop or participate in a raffle for a charity, right? I reckon these cunning canines are on to a trick.


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