Big Doggie Do 2019 – the dogs the photographer would most like to take home, part 1

Another year, another Big Doggie Do. Milton Keynes’s biggest annual doggy event took place on 25-26 May at Willen Lake – attracting hundreds of dogs. While the weather held up for us on the first day, day two brought drizzle. And yet dogs and owners soldiered on till the end.

As with last year, Doodles and I mingled with dogs and humans, checked out the stalls and even had a go at the dog show. Doodles scoring third place in the Best Yearling category.

And of course like last year’s event, we saw some very cute canines – both big and small. Not one to see a dog and not reach for my camera, of course, I had to capture as many photos as I could. So here’s the gallery of the dogs that we’d like to take home.

The happy chappies and ladies 

These guys are ever ready to light up the day with their cute smiles.

The ‘Tongue Out’ Team

For them, it’s always #tonguesouttuesday

The ‘You talkin’ to me?’ crew

You know the look, ears perked up, eyes alert, and the occasional meerkat impression.



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