SHE-Y by Menaye: Ghanaian Shea meets Italian Luxury

On Thursday 2o October, Menaye Donkor Muntari launched her bath and body brand SHE-Y born in Italy, drawing inspiration from Menaye’s Ghanaian roots.


The last time I worked with Menaye was at Africa Fashion Week London 2012 and 2013; she was a celebrity ambassador in 2012 and one of the three celebrity ambassadors the following year. Knowing she had mentioned her sensitive skin in a number of interviews, it was no surprise when I found out she was launching her body care brand.

Three years on, enter SHE-Y.

SHE-Y is the perfect blend of natural, organic products and artisanal processing which finds embodiment in a gorgeous quality beauty product. And for SHE-Y sustainability of the environment which provides the natural essence of the product is essential.

As the quirky name suggests the key ingredient is shea butter, traditionally made women in Ghana. Hence as well as giving us the Ghanaian gift of nature, SHE-Y is also developing fairtrade projects to support and employ young women and provide free quality education for children in the community.

Speaking of SHE-Y Menaye said:

SHE-Y came from my desire to introduce the beauty of shea butter and my childhood home country, Ghana, into my modern world in Italy. The brand focuses on creating luxury products but still preserves the importance of old traditions.”

SHE-Y is indeed ultimate luxury, the glass jar just weighty enough in your hand to feel luxurious but not too heavy that it becomes bulky. The branding is sleek and minimalist, and there is subtle nod to the product’s Ghanaian origins with the tastefully rendered recreation of the brand name in an illustration reminiscent of traditional Ghanaian patterns.


The texture is rich, a little tester stick’s worth is enough to lather your hands in enough moisture to last the day, so while it may not be for the faint-hearted or light-pocketed at £75 and £80 (for the body butter and the body scrub respectively), in a generous 200ml jar not only is it worth the investment but it will also go the distance. Let’s just put it this way, when I asked the team if they are planning on any Christmas gift packs for the festive season, the answer was a resounding, “It is a gift in itself.”

SHE-Y contains algae (dermocea), vitamin E and hyaluronic acid as well as the essential ingredient shea butter, and comes in three fragrances: black orchid which embodies luxury; olive, the ultimate Italian produce and praline, for those who like their skincare scents on the sweeter side, and incidentally my favourite too.

SHE-Y is not yet in the stores but you can purchase online at


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