Braving it out in millennial pink culottes

Short girls shouldn’t even try culottes – or so I thought, until a few weeks ago until I scored the perfect pair. You see, being south of 5.5, I have dreaded anything that makes my already stocky legs stockier and culottes have been at the top of a fairly long list of fashion items to avoid. Hence when they started being on trend circa 2015 I avoided them like the proverbial plague. On the occasion I was tempted by one which looked a dream on the shop mannequin or the model on the pages of a fashion mag (both of whom were above 5.10, mind) I was sadly disappointed by the clownish look.

Hence imagine my joy at having scored a pair that actually looked flattering; not only did they offer style but also bags of comfort, and what is more they came in very on-trend “millennial pink” –  “sort of a grapefruit shade of apricotty salmon” to you and me!

Heading out for dinner with a friend the other night, I had to take them out for a spin pairing them with a print top I got fro H&M in 2015, white kicks and my new go-to going out bag. The whole look went down a storm while being super comfortable. Definitely one to keep re-rocking!


Culottes: New Look

Top: H&M

Trainers: New Look

Bag: TK Maxx

Shades: Quay

Bracelet: Cornelia Hotels WTM marketing merchandise (No, seriously!)

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