Charity shop chic: proudly ally style

Ending Pride Month with a burst of colour and charity shop gems

June was a busy month for us, with some major life changes – a new house, a new job, and settling into a new routine. It was also Pride Month of course, which meant one of my favourite charity shop finds the rainbow Amour jumper came out of the closet quite a few times. Good thing we live in a country where June can still bring jumper weather but last day of June was particularly cold and gloomy. What better way to brighten up the day and see off Pride Month in a burst of colour while celebrating surviving a most chaotic month without losing our wits and our possessions in a sea of boxes?

To complete the look I opted for these funky shades I found for a pound from a local community shop and an ’80s necklace I scored while volunteering at the Oxfam Newport Pagnell shop in early June.

For most of spring and summer I live in culottes so when I saw this pair in the same shop I found the shades I just had to get them.

The Paul Costelloe bag is another charity shop find from a few years back when I laid eyes on it at the Woodgreen charity shop in Newport Pagnell. It has since become a go-to bag on days I need to fit laptop, notebook, water bottle and the occasional kitchen sink to ferry around!

The only item of clothing that’s not thrifted from a charity shop is the Adidas Stan Smiths I got in TK Maxx a few months ago which have since become my go to pair of trainers for both work and play.

In such a burst of rainbow colours and comfy culottes, and sunshine-tinted shades, I was in a joyful mood – can you tell?

Jumper: Yu & Me Paris, thrifted at Walnut Tree Community Centre £4

Culottes: Next, thrifted at Barnardo’s Willen, £4

Bags: Paul Costelloe, thrifted at Woodgreen Newport Pagnell, £8

Necklace: Oxfam Newport Pagnell, £3

Shades: Walnut Tree Community Centre £1

Adidas Stan Smith: TK Maxx, £30

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