Doggie Day Out: The Great British Dog Walk for Hearing Dogs at Hughenden Manor

I am not one for charity challenges but when I found out about The Great British Dog Walk a few months ago, I knew Doodles and I had to take part. The Great British Dog Walk is an annual event, kindly sponsored by Virbac, in aid of Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. After all, we walk daily; what difference does a 6k walk make? Not much for us but for Hearing Dogs it means funding to train more assistance dogs for the deaf.

The walk at Hughenden Manor was just one of the 20 walks planned for the summer of 2018. What’s more, we also managed to merge our walk with another good cause: Global 6K for World Vision. In parts of the world it takes children a 6km walk daily just to get contaminated water. Every penny raised means the international aid agency can help more communities around the world with access to clean water. In short, you walk 6km so a little child doesn’t have to.

Last Saturday Doodles and I hit the hills of Hughenden Manor grounds in our joint quest for good causes. While you may expect 6km to be an easy breezy half an hour stroll, the steep hills of the Chiltern meant a rather sweaty mid-morning walk. Along with 233 people and 119 dogs we made it. While also taking in the stunning countryside views.

Thank goodness at the finish line our hard work was rewarded with coffee and delicious doggy and human cakes.

Doodles made some new furry friends and participated in a few dog shows (Sadly winning none), while I got to enjoy one of my favourite hobbies: pawtography. All the time Mr O was busy rolling his eyes at the doggy shenanigans.


As far as timing went, Hearing Dogs aced it. A cool morning great for a long walk and torrential downpour holding off till the end of the dog shows. With the first raindrops, we decided to pack up and hit the road back to Milton Keynes for a spot of dog-friendly dining – but not before we looked into upcoming fundraiser walks.

If you would like to join us, check out the dates for upcoming walks here.

Photography: SubySinem

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