Doggy’s day out: The Prince George in Tattenhoe, Milton Keynes

We can definitely thank the doggy for discovering The Prince George, three years after it opened its doors in Milton Keynes.

Having a four-month-old puppy means strategising doggy days out with military precision – what the weather forecast is, where the nearest parks are, where we can find a dog-friendly hangout are all factored in. A few weeks back, the best-laid schemes to walk the dog around Caldecotte Lake with a friend followed by a lunch at the Caldecotte Arms turned catastrophic when we were caught under a torrential downpour and found out after, completely soaked and worse for wear, the pub didn’t allow dogs so we had to drop Doodles home before we headed over to a nearby pub.

On the back of this experience, I began my quest for the dog friendly places in Milton Keynes – after a quick search on the internet, my mind was set on The Prince George in Tattenhoe – light and airy interiors, a wide ranging menu and a what’s more, a dog-friendly venue. Last Sunday off we went to Prince George following a long solid Sunday walk.

Upon arrival we were amazed by the sheer size of the pub, just one in the McMullens chain around the country. Ample patio, further tables on the in the back and a large and bright, tastefully decorated interior. Given it was a dark and dreary Sunday, we opted for indoor seating. While it is light and bright inside, The Prince George also delivers on the rustic charm and cosiness.

Opened in 2014, The Prince George also boasts the honour of being the first pub in the country named after the William and Kate’s first born. True to its name, you’re in for a royal treatment to moment you step in. Your pooch is looked after too – as soon as we took our seats and ordered, Doodles was presented with her own bowl of fresh water.

I opted for scampi as started while Mr. O went for cheese and garlic ciabatta. Wolfing down my six piece of scampi I immediately regretted not going for a larger size.

As it was quite a busy Sunday afternoon, our mains took quite a while to come; luckily the comfort and the ambiance meant we didn’t mind the wait. Mr. O had a burger of course while I went for my pub favourite: bangers and mash. I was told the large option came with three sausages – your UK standard – so I was pleasantly surprised when my plate arrived with four sausages. Having said that, beware, it’s quite the feat to finish it all. The mash was just as tasty – creamy and succulent.

Safe to say, we didn’t have any room left for dessert, but not quite ready to go back into the murky afternoon, I had to get just another mocha and enjoy the ambiance. Doodles had already gone on to her fourth nap on the wooden floor after having been taken out for a walk by the kids at the next table so she wasn’t too keen to leave either. We did eventually cajole her with free treats on the house. Another doggy friendly pub bonus!

All in all, a most pleasant experience, and definitely my new Sunday hangout in Milton Keynes.

Find out more about The Prince on their website

Photography: SubySinem

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