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bucket ful of fun

Hello World!

Isn’t this how most blogs start with that cheery greeting to the world which may for a while just consist of a small but perfectly formed bunch of loyal cheerleaders – potentially your partner, occasionally your mum, sometimes a few friends here and there? So who am I to re-invent the wheel as I take the plunge to go back to blogging 9 whopping years after when I first started?

I hope in time my loyal band of few will expand as my words touch the lives of friends, acquaintances and strangers.

But what to expect from this little corner of cyberspace I humbly call my own? It’s only apt that, here, I place a candid shot chanced upon ten years ago – two children chasing giant transient soap soap bubbles on South Bank. 10 years on, I wonder where they are, and if like me chancing on their playtime, if they ever chanced upon this snapshot from years ago. I sometimes look at this image and muse on how much like these soap bubbles life is – in the fleeting moments of joy, all we can do is seize the fun, savour the sunshine and capture those moments for eternity – be it in a picture, or in words, or even in a dusty corner of our memory.

As well as sharing some of my professional work and life, I want to share, most, dreams, hopes, thoughts, musings on this journey called life. As we hurtle through the daily drag, I hope to catch buckets full of sunshine and serve them with generous lashings of joie de vivre. Consider this as my online diary of all the little and the big observations about the sunny and the dreary side of life, us pesky humans and all that which exists in the width and breadth of our days. My personal web/log of the journey, frames of fleeting moments and flickers of joy, musings on human behaviour; my mere human attempt to carpe the diem.

If you wish, drop a comment; if not, still pass by on your daily cyber-journey. If you like what you see, please share the love and spread the word. But above all, enjoy the journey!


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