How to make smart choices to find true happiness

Five simple changes you can make to boost your mood

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Do you feel stuck unhappy and unfulfilled? Do you feel you have no idea how to get out of your funk? Often the difference between happiness and unhappiness is as simple as a choice.

If you’ve recently discovered that you’re unhappy or unfulfilled in your life due to a change in circumstance, there are some simple changes you can make.

Michael Cloonan is a leading life and business strategist. Suffering from a breakdown some five years ago, Cloonan was motivated by seeing his son’s reaction and managed to not only identify and come to terms with his depression but took control of his life again – all in just one day!

Since his recovery, Cloonan has gained a passion for studying the mind, and he now helps others to avoid going through the struggles he once did. Here, he shares five changes you can make to improve your happiness.

Daily meditation

Give yourself time each and every day to just stop and relax. Use meditation to connect with a calmer way of thinking and introduce some clarity and perspective into your life.

Add exercise to your daily routine

Exercise, even if it’s just taking the dog for a 10-minute walk, releases endorphins in your body which naturally lift your mood. It’s great
for your confidence, too!

Clean your space

A clean, organised environment equals an organised mind. Reduce
the stress in your life and gain a sense of control by eliminating the anxiety from your surroundings. That post-clean feeling is an amazing (and addictive) one!

Try a digital detox

It’s easy to get caught up in technology and isolate yourself from the
outside world. Fill your mind with something positive instead – take a break from those screens and the pressure for perfection that social media is known to create.

Practise daily gratitude

Expressing gratitude has been shown to improve your mood
and mental health. Shift your perspective to one of gratitude and see the profound difference it makes to your life.

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