London Fashion Week London AW 2017 Day 2 Outfit

As I get older (and wiser) I seem to revamp my wardrobe from figure hugging looks to comfort fit outfits – having said that, it may also be down to how widely accepted a casual outfit is these days. Even my mum who would have tutted in distaste a few years back if she saw a pencil skirt paired with trainers confessed recently that such combos don’t jar as much as they used to.



Similarly in recent years, my heels have gradually come to be replaced with trainers and brogues much to the amusement of Hubby who chuckles every time I invest in a pair of flats I wouldn’t be seen dead in just a few years back. Let’s face it though, a few years back, I was way more conscious of giving the illusion of height with a little help from heels. Don’t get me wrong, I have held on to my heels, but relegated to the back of the wardrobe, these days they come out to play only occasionally, and only when I absolutely have to.


It was with this in mind I put together my day 2 outfit for London Fashion Week. You know how some women start with a pair of shoes and buy a whole look to match said shoes. I did just that, well only sort off. When I first laid eyes on this dress, all I could think of was “frumpy” – I have to admit, on the hanger it doesn’t look like much.


Once I wore it thought I was amazed at how a dress so voluminous could be so flattering, and immediately I knew I had just the shoes in my wardrobe: a pair of navy brogues I bought last summer in Istanbul. Et voila: my day 2 outfit!


IMG_9538 IMG_9539 IMG_9764

Dress: Zara

Coat: Limon Company

Shoes: Marjin

Bag: Zara

Shades: Quay


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