‘Tis the Season of Tinsel and Sparkle in London

I enjoy walking around London and I enjoy Christmas, so as the festive season is now well and truly upon us, I spent Saturday morning enjoying London’s season of sparkle. The best thing about London is it’s a city made for walking – you can start at any one spot and let your legs carry you in any direction; potentially the whole city is your oyster. And on a cool crispy autumn’s day, when the festive spirit is in the air, the one place to head down has to be the West End for a spot of window shopping. Now that the Christmas lights are up, and the windows are all dressed up with festive goodies, London is all shiny and sparkly.

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My walk takes me from Oxford Circus to Bond Street down New Bond Street to Mayfair then to Piccadilly Circus.

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From the legendary seasonal window displays of Selfridge’s to high end fashion at Prada and Louis Vuitton to the quaint Burlington and Piccadilly arcades, London is the belle of the Christmas ball, from high street to haute couture all glittering and brightening up an otherwise gloomy season.

img_5752 img_5753 img_5754 img_5716 img_5711 img_5710

Glitter shoes? Check. Designer perfumes? Check. Couture hand bags? Check. Lush colours, fabrics, textures, patterns? Check. Check. Check. Check. Served with generous lashings of tinsel and tons of sparkle.

London walks are fun each season of the year but in the run up to Christmas that little bit more exquisite.

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