World’s most popular Christmas trees – mapped

London ranks top 10!

Trafalgar Square

‘Tis the season for being merry, and there’s nothing quite like the spectacle of some of the world’s famous Christmas trees, from the gargantuan tree that stands in New York’s Rockefeller Square, to the glistening tree that stands tall in Paris’s Galeries Lafayette.

And whilst many can’t visit the famous evergreen conifers, have crunched the numbers to reveal the top 10 of the most famous Christmas trees from around the world in the form of a popularity index based on: Instagram hashtags, global Google search volumes, height and the number of baubles needed to decorate.

It’s official, the Gubbio Christmas tree in Italy is crowned the most popular conifer with a grand total of 340 points!

Considering it’s one of the most famous landmarks in the world, it’s unsurprising the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree ranks second with 320 points.

In third place is the Vilnius Christmas tree located in Lithuania. It may not be on your radar of expected locations, but this tree scored 310 points, just 10 behind New York. It must be a phenomenon worth seeing.

Nestled in one of London’s most iconic tourist spots, is Trafalgar Square’s giant Norwegian spruce, as the ninth most popular Christmas tree with 230 points!

At the end of the index sits the Taipei Christmas Tree in Taiwan, and the Manger Square Christmas Tree in Bethlehem with 100 and 80 points individually.

Global Google Searches

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is the most googled globally, with 46,910 searches, awarding the highest points available (100).

It appears the United States is known for their elaborate displays of Christmas trees, as the National Christmas Tree in Washington had just under 12,000 global searches, placing second with 90 points overall.

The UK’s renowned Trafalgar Square tree places joint third with 90 points – with 7,660 Google queries on average every month globally.

The Great Christmas Tree, Red Square Christmas Tree, Saint Peter’s Square Christmas Tree, and Manger Square Christmas Tree all respectively scored 20 points, making them the least impressionable for people to Google.

The Rockefeller Christmas tree

Instagram Hashtags

The Rockefeller Center tree sparkles once again, ranking first with 100 points for its 53,000 Instagram hashtags, making it the most Instagrammable!

Washington’s favourite, The National Christmas Tree is next with nearly 15,000 tagged photos, also sharing the second spot with Lithuania’s tree in Vilnius with 3,156 tags.

The Floating Christmas Tree in Rio de Janeiro, Taipei tree in Taiwan, and the tree in Manger Square, Bethlehem all ranked with just 20 points each – highlighting their trees to be the least Insta-worthy!

Gubbio’s Christmas tree

Baubles Needed to Decorate

Gubbio’s Christmas tree is by far the tallest tree analysed, and as expected, you’d need a staggering 16,400 baubles to decorate the tree – that’s nearly a 1000% difference to Paris’s Galeries Lafayette tree which stands at just 26 ft high.

Up next is Mexico City, the Latino capital of Mexico with the Zócalo Christmas tree, having earned 90 points for the estimated 920 baubles needed to adorn the 138 ft tree (third tallest in the list). Sitting also comfortably in joint second is the Floating Christmas Tree in Brazil. This mammoth tree is the second tallest tree at 279 ft and would need 1,860 baubles to decorate!

In the bottom spot is Galeries Lafayette in Paris, and the Christmas Tree in Tivoli, Copenhagen. With just 10 points awarded, you’d need 173 and 213 baubles, respectively.

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