African Print Works in Monochrome too

Sinem VLog iPhone -40-2Those who know me know well that I love African print. While not necessarily “African” as such, the Dutch wax is one of the most popular fabrics used across Africa and is called a range of names from ‘kanga’ and ‘kitenge’ in East Africa to ‘ankara’ in West Africa, which incidentally has a historical link to the capital of my home country, Ankara, Turkey. Dutch wax comes in a variety of colours, prints and patterns but often monochrome is overlooked.

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In May while I was out there for work I had the opportunity to get some new outfits made in Zimbabwe by none other than the lovely Elizabeth Ankomah. I had been promising to post some pictures of my looks and I got the chance a couple of weeks ago when the sun finally decided to come out in the UK. Wish we also had the endless blue skies of Harare!

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Who would have thought monochrome print would go so well with ombre white braids? The inspiration for this semi-casual look came from an Instagram page and I decided to pair the drawstring trousers and long blazer with black sandals, a small black bag. Let’s not forget the black bracelet ring I got from H&M last summer and black lippy from Make Up Revolution because black lips rock with white braids.

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photography: Suby

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