Always wandering, always wondering

img_4033Never lose sense of your childish wonder. Walk the streets at twilight with wide open eyes. Let your heart skip a beat or five at the sight of the extraordinary in the otherwise ordinary formation of the everyday. Wear your walking shoes, your feet fleeting and nimble; let your spirit soar and take weight of your weary shoulders as you walk and wander and waltz from the mundane to the magnificent.

Do a little dance of joy, inhale the wonder of being in the now, this very moment – under the blue skies, the very same moon that you can see from London to Lomé, from Timbuktu to Tokyo, feeling the same breeze that has sojourned halfway around the world to blow raspberries on your skin as your laughter tinkles through the dusky streets.

Inhale the ordinary, exhale the extraordinary. Feel the heartbeat of the world in your pulse in every step you tread on the streets of the town you call home or the town where you’ve laid your hat passing by. Always wandering, always wondering.

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