Layering for the First Fog of the Season

img_3928The first fog of autumn fell in the second week of September – still quite early as far as fog goes in this part of the world. Somehow I still do get excited about the first fog, the first thunderstorm, the first snowfall of each season.

This time, however, the excitement was fitting: While it was a little chilly in the morning, soon after the sun was out to give us two more glorious and warm days before summer’s end. Hence with the first fog comes the first sign of layers until, over the course of the season, you pile them on so much so, step by step that you run the risk of looking like an astronaut when you step out of the house.


For the first attempt at smart layering, I teamed up a blazer I got from my recent trip to Istanbul scored at a Mango outlet for a mere 35TL (yup, your XE is not lying, that’s a steal at £9) with a dress from last season’s H&M sale. Throw on some blue pumps from Primark, and good to go. Oh and, let’s not forget the new Tutilo handbag which takes my whole life plus the kitchen sink – if I so wished.


I so favour layering a one-and-done look which gives you the optimum work wear chic with minimum effort – just throw on a blazer and cardigan and pair up with tights and ankle boots for colder days.

Layering Work Wear


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