Day out at Woburn Food Market

Woburn Food Market offers the best local produce

One of the best foodie days out is Milton Keynes has to be the Woburn Food Market which is on the third Sunday of every month. Previously only an amused passerby, it’s only in the last two months I’ve specifically headed out there for a good look around, and it’s already become a must-visit for me every third Sunday from 10am.

If you fancy your pick of local produce from natural honey to home-made biltong, from raw dog treats to a range of cakes, buns, donuts and cookies, from fresh sourdough bread to Mediterranean olives and sundried against a backdrop of the scenic historic village of Woburn, just a ten-minute drive outside Milton Keynes, then Woburn Market is the place for you.

There are a few things to heed though if you’re visiting. Firstly, the market is set up from 10am to 2pm – the earlier you get there is better as you will have your pick of fresh produce. Donuts and cakes go really fast so I would recommend that you head over to these stalls first before loitering anywhere else.

It’s not all food though as there are other vendors who sell gift items and flowers.

One of my favourite stalls – as a cheese fiend – has to be Cheese on Towcest. Another new favourite has to be Replete Flatbreads. It goes without saying each visit wraps up with either a takeaway coffee from Thomas Polti or a cone of ice cream from the Willen Ice Cream Company. Thanks to dragging Mr. O with me this weekend, another new discovery was Broome Bakes and their fatal chocolate brownies!

Goofy smile courtesy of Willen Ice Cream Company

There is public free parking on Park Street, just a short walk away from the town square where the market is set up. While it does get busy and you may feel like you are in for a long wait depending on the time you get there, persevere, places do open up quite quickly meaning by the time you’ve gone around the car park once you’re most likely to find a space freeing up.

Woburn Food Market is super family-friendly with dogs and children getting plenty of attention from stall owners so do bring the brood and make it a family day out. The green opposite the village hall makes a great playground for the little ones.

While most stalls accept cards and contactless, some still don’t, so bring along some cash to avoid disappointment.

The look on my face when the vendor says thaey only accept cash…

And finally, with Woburn Abbey just down the road, and the Woburn Coffee House, a favourite with locals and visitors alike, serving lavish afternoon tea, why not make a full day out?

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