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Over the last few years, there has been a steady move towards natural and organic beauty products. As we take up and practise more #cleaneating, we seem to also consider #cleanliving. While maybe a few years ago we didn’t give much thought to what went into our beauty products, and in turn on to our skins and into our bodies, more and more of us have started giving more thought to the effects of chemicals on our wellbeing and move towards more natural and healthier beauty options. Queue coconut oil, shea butter and a host of other naturally sources beauty must-haves.

Like most women I know, I am a softie (pun intended) when it comes to lotions and potions, and the fewer parabens and sulphates, the better, so you can imagine my delight when I discovered at last week’s Royal Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, the fabulous Elegance Natural Skin Care Products.

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While I was initially lured by the Goatsmilk concoctions on display, I eventually settled for skincare products made with Manuka honey. The full range comprises moisturising cream and lotion, hand cream, body butter, eye gel, night cream, shampoo, shower gel and soap. The real selling point of course: none of the products contain any chemicals.

Manuka honey, which comes from the Manuka berry bush that originates from New Zealand, is one of the purest honeys known to man, renowned for its soothing and moisturising properties.


I opted from the moisturising cream and body butter. While not particularly pocket-friendly – for example the moisturising cream is a whopping £26 and the body butter £38, but I got them at the massively reduced special exhibition prices of £10 and £15 respectively – all products are so rich that you need no more than a dollop which means they go the distance.

While I initially though the sales assistant who asked me to feel how soft his hands were and promising me such soft skin after four days of use was going through the sales spiel, a week into using both the moisturiser and the body cream, I can see the difference in my skin.

You can get your hands on the night cream at the promotional price of £15 instead of £35 through the brand’s website or you can opt for gift box which contains Manuka Honey Moisturising Lotion, Manuka Honey Moisturising Cream as well as a shower puff for £55. While you’re there, also check out some of my other favourites: Goats Milk & Lavender Moisturising Cream and Famous Gardener’s Insect Repelling Gel.

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