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FullSizeRender 2Do you tend to buy a book/magazine or two every week? Is the paper to people ratio in your house higher than the average? Do your shelves sag under the weight of books and magazines dating back to 1998? Congratulations! Then like me, you are a magazine addict.

Most of us magazine addicts enjoy sharing our daily or weekly reads on our Instagram feed because sharing such beautiful pieces of art is caring, of course. Plus, nothing livens up a social media feed than a beautifully designed magazine cover.

Pick a plain background: Whether it is just a white bed sheet or wooden table, the plainer the background the more your magazine will do the talking.


#latergram #coffee and #slightwork Why not head over to @newafricanwoman to see our #WomenoftheYear2015 #NewAfricanWoman

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But don’t be afraid to experiment with pattern: The key when you veer away from a plain background is to keep the rest simple. It’s best to make sure the colour compliment and not clash with each other. 


Keep your frame well-lit: This applies for pretty much everything you want to photograph for your feed including photographs. Unless you are a product photographer, there is no need for professional lights or equipment – any good, even light source will work well.


Avoid the clutter: One or two key pieces will liven up your image; anything more it may get too cluttered and overpower what you are trying to focus on.


#Nigerian #millsandboon ? Bring it on! Thank you @ankarapress for the review copies.

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Coffee goes well with a magazine: Whether it is iced latte or an espresso or my personal favourite, Turkish coffee, that is your blend of choice, there is no denying a cup of coffee is the perfect accessory to showcase your magazine.



And so does food: Of course you don’t have to showcase your three course fine dining alongside your reading but snacks – especially colourful ones – add a little je ne sais quoi to your frame.


Costa #coffee + #pistachio macaroons + #ChimamandaNgoziAdichie = #sunday #bliss

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A little filter goes a long way: The whole point of Instagram when it was first launched was that you could give your photos a retro look with a choice of different filters. Valencia and Rise work really well.


I was supposed to go sightseeing this morning; that was before coffee and I decided to chill by the lakeside view…

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Don’t get hung up on the big picture: Sometimes part of a cover may work equally as well as showing the full cover.


Keep options open: Covers may work wonders, but don’t overlook the inside pages of the magazine – depending on what you want to showcase.

A cup of #Ethiopian #coffee to go with the cover story of #African coffee in the June edition of @newafricanmag #NewAfrican

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Seize the moment: There is no need to plan and plot your perfect picture at length. Sometimes the best frames are those captured at random – the light, the colours, the angles all work to make your reading look picture perfect.

I take my #Sunday chilling very seriously. #Papers #coffee #homesweethome

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