Supersize your Weekend in Seven Easy Steps

“But it’s just 48 hours,” I hear you say. The weekend. Indeed, between the time we skip and hop out of work screaming “TGIF!” inside and the time we shuffle into the office, double espresso in a take-away cup, eyes glazed with sleep, there are only 48 precious hours. As the autumn sets in and days get shorter and afternoons darker, it is easy to feel those few hours slipping away. However, with some careful planning and management, it is possible to super-size your weekend.


Wake up early

You must be wondering what sort of madness I am propagating. After all, weekends are for lie-ins and brunches, right? Fair enough, you don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn but imagine waking up an hour or two earlier than you normally would – that means a couple of more extra hours you get to enjoy your two days off. Even better, if you spend those extra hours doing something good for you: going for a quick run or spending half an hour in bed catching up on your reading.

Do something different

It’s not often the amount of free time we have but what we do with it that makes us feel like we are constantly short of time. If like your working week, your weekend is also a routine, that stuck-in-a-rut feeling will make the hours go by without you realising and before you know it, it’s Sunday evening. You may be wondering what you can do that’s different – after all, whether you’re in the city or the countryside, it’s easy to run out of options fast. Start with baby steps though: A walk in a park you don’t normally visit, spending an afternoon at the shopping mall or going to the cinema if you’re the ‘Netflix and chill’ kind is enough to make a difference.

Get out of the house

Are you familiar with the Sunday- evening restlessness and cabin fever that set in at the end of a weekend spent indoors? The temptation to spend the whole weekend curled up under the duvet, especially when the weather outside is dreadful, is high, and no one can blame you either. However, getting out of the house even for just half an hour will ensure you get some sunshine and fresh air. Besides, nothing better to remind us that there is more to life than the rat race we often find ourselves in is to take in the wondrous world around us. What better way to magically extend our hours?


Schedule some me time

The weekend, when you are away from the hustle and bustle of the working week, is the perfect time to schedule some me time. Think of this as a primer for a new week regardless of what that me-time constitutes. Whether you want choose to spend time reading, or learning to code, or treating yourself to a spa treatment or a new exhibition, that one special hour of me time will go a long way in super sizing your weekend and supercharging your batteries.

Spend time with friends and family

While some me-time is great, time with friends and family go a long way in preserving your sanity. Even if you spend an afternoon catching up with friends, or Sunday lunch with family, a little socialising will lift up your spirits and help you make the most of your weekend. Plus, family is always the best antidote to the weariness the week days bring.


Take a Digital Detox

Our week days are heavily punctuated with alarms, ringtones, message alerts and notifications – an ceaseless cacophony of digital sounds, jarring to the ear and grating the the head. Let’s not lie, we are all hung up on the next buzz of our smartphones or the next ping on our laptops. Away from the working week, the weekend is the best time to switch off, albeit for a short while, and not count your minutes in beeps and buzzes and let time flow naturally. Both your ears and your head will thank you for it!

Work up a Sweat 

Most of us make lack of time and excuse for not exercising enough; this is because much like work itself, we opt for working out hard than working out smart. A half hour jog or a 45-minute spin class will work up a sweat, get rid of toxins and clear your mind. Not only will you energised, but the endorphin release means you will also be upbeat, getting the most out of the rest of your day. Win-win.


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