Six Ways to Look Luxe for Less

Fashion Weeks are over, once again leaving us lusting after labels in a bid to look luxe for less; posh and minted, even when we are skint. Let’s not fool ourselves, unless you are working for Vogue or boasting a six-figure salary, most designers looks for us ordinary women are the stuff the dreams are made of. But there are ways and means, yet, to look the part without parting with your full month’s salary. Check out my tips to look posh without the dosh.


Layer your jewellery

You don’t have to be dripped in gold and diamonds to look rich; layering custom jewellery form the high street can add instant pizzazz to any outfit without blowing the budget. Make sure to keep colours to a minimum and avoid any major clashes while going big and bold in a classy way. The aim is to look rich, not ridiculous.


Make it metallic

Every girl needs a metallic look in her wardrobe, especially this season. Whether it is an accessory or a clothing item, metallics will pull your look up a few notches, injecting much desired bling without the budget blow-out. If you are more of a style wallflower, start off with accessories before graduating to more prominent clothing items.


Invest in a designer watch and shades

This was one of the best sartorial pieces advice I have ever received. It came from a friend who is quite unfussy about her style; she is often clad in jeans and tees, with the occasional cover up for winter months. Nothing says bling like a chunky designer watch or a classy pair of designer shades, and they do wonders for an otherwise affordable look. I try to scrimp and save to buy a new one of each once a year.



Step out in striking footwear

The easiest way to upgrade your look is through careful investment in footwear. This year’s velvet and jacquard trends are on your side too: Think velvet ankle boots in rich gem colours, or embroidered and bejewelled courts. Let your foots do the talking, and walking, in dazzling ways!


Mix and match your buys

You can create a bold look on a budget without breaking the bank by mixing and matching high end, high street and vintage looks. The beauty of vintage is you can find some thing for every budget and you don’t run the risk of stepping out in the same look as everyone else. Of course, you don’t have to go retro top to toe. A vintage dress paired with on trend high street shoes and a designer handbag can add a little je ne sais quoi to your style.


Save for that designer bag

Not all of us can splash two month’s mortgage on a designer handbag in these uncertain times, of course, but no harm in dreaming of and saving for one you can potentially afford in a couple of years’ time. Nothing lifts up a look like a designer handbag. And if you really need an excuse to splash the cash on a whimsical sartorial purchase, remind yourself recent studies have shown that a particular style of Chanel has increased 70 percent in the last six years since 2010 while real estate has appreciated 17% in the past three years. Save up for these moneybags!



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