Naturally Tribal, it’s time for an ultimate rescue!

A Gentle Haircare Duo for Your Little One

If you’re on the lookout for the ultimate haircare solution that will leave your little one’s locks looking fabulous, get ready to meet the dynamic duo from Naturally Tribal: the Paw Patrol Hair Cleanser and Hair Food. These game-changing products are designed with your little one’s hair needs in mind. Packed with natural goodness, they’re the rescue team you never knew you needed to keep your child’s locks clean, healthy and tangle-free.

If you are already a fan of the amazing Naturally Tribal brand and follow them on social media, you will know this isn’t our first rodeo. Little Miss is already a huge fan of the Yara body food which has worked like a magic potion on her eczema!

Delighted by the amazing results we achieved from just a couple of days of using Naturally Tribal to soothe and nourish her tender skin, we couldn’t wait to get our paws on the brand’s new range for kids – and for parents too – if you’re the sort to raid your little one’s beauty products! Created once again with the brand’s values in mind – planet-hugging, ethical sourcing, and soothing and nourishing – it combines two of our favourite things: all natural shea butter goodness and our favourite pups in the world, the Paw Patrol!

Join Sol and me on a hair adventure as we put these goodies to the test to find out why Naturally Tribal‘s latest addition to its range is a must-have addition to your little one’s daily routine.

Naturally Gentle Hair Cleanser

Let’s kick off with the Paw Patrol Hair Cleanser, the hero that comes to the rescue when it’s time to tame those unruly tresses. We all know how lively and adventurous our little ones can be, which often means dealing with sweaty and messy hair situations. In Sol’s case it is bits of soil and scraps I have no desire the contents of from the mud kitchen in her nursery! Let’s just say, her ever-growing Afro is a mud kitchen magnet!

If your little one’s anything like mine, fear not, as this gentle cleanser is here to save the day! Formulated with all-natural ingredients, it effectively cleanses away dirt and grime while maintaining the perfect moisture balance for your child’s delicate scalp and hair. What is more, it smells lush too – so much so I am tempted to steal it for my own hair. Plus, with the playful Paw Patrol branding, bath time will turn into a joyful adventure for your little one!

Nourishing Hair Food

After a thorough cleanse, it’s time to indulge your child’s precious strands with the Paw Patrol Hair Food. Prepare to be amazed as this lightweight and non-greasy formula works its magic. Enriched with luxurious ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil, it provides the ultimate nourishment, conditioning, and detangling experience for your little one’s hair. And what’s more, just a little dollop goes a long way so a tub will last you quite a while! Say goodbye to knots and hello to silky-smooth, manageable locks! This hair food’s unique blend of nutrients promotes healthy hair growth and helps reduce pesky frizz. Styling your child’s hair will become a breeze!

Safe and gentle Ingredients

It’s great that, as parents, we’re more aware than we’ve ever been about what we put on our skin and hair as well as our little ones’. Naturally Tribal understands this perfectly. Rest assured, the Paw Patrol Hair Cleanser and Hair Food are lovingly created using natural and organic ingredients, specially selected for their gentle properties. These products are free from harmful chemicals, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances, ensuring that your child’s sensitive scalp and hair are in good hands.

A joyful experience for all

What’s better than seeing your little one’s face light up with joy? The Paw Patrol Hair Cleanser and Hair Food not only work wonders for their hair but also make haircare a delightful experience. With the playful Paw Patrol characters, bath time will transform into an adventure. Teaching your child healthy grooming habits from an early age has never been more fun!

Tired of bathtime tantrums? Colourful products filled with nasty chemicals? Then it’s time to take your child’s haircare routine to the next level with Naturally Tribal’s Paw Patrol Hair Cleanser and Hair Food. These hair heroes offer a safe, nourishing, and delightful experience for your precious little one. With their natural ingredients, Paw Patrol branding, and dedication to your child’s well-being, Naturally Tribal has created the perfect recipe for luscious locks. Say goodbye to hair troubles and hello to hair-raising adventures with these magical products. Your little one will thank you for the hair-pampering sessions, and you’ll love the results. Get ready for fabulous hair days ahead!

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