Summer style in unique second-hand finds

A mix of old and new finds for a fashionable yet functional look

It seems my closet of secondhand gems is growing monthly and these days I find myself wearing thrifted threads much more often than new ones. In today’s fast-paced world, where fashion trends seem to come and go, I have found my own little haven of excitement in the realm of second-hand treasures. Each piece I discover tells a unique story, carrying with it a sense of nostalgia and the promise of a more sustainable future. I occasionally remember the shopping trips in my 20s to gorge myself on fast fashion and regret the time and money wasted on throwaway clothes but hey, better late than never.

My latest ensemble was a mix of items that have become staples in my wardrobe, as well as a newer find!

Let’s start with the star of the ensemble—the striped shirt. Its blend of blue, pink, navy, and brown stripes creates a whimsical, summery and playful vibe. The soft V-neck neckline adds a touch of sophistication while ensuring a cozy and comfortable fit. I love how this shirt effortlessly blends different colors and patterns, making it the focal point of my outfit. I spotted this top in a local community shop last summer; at £4 only, it was definitely a steal but for a while I wasn’t sure if it was my style. Then randomly looking for something different to wear than my go-to pieces I picked this up earlier this summer, et voila; beginning of a special love affair.

Complementing the shirt are none other than my cropped jeans, a Willen Hospice find from a few years ago. Often, I skip on jeans from charity shops as I find trying them on a bit of a faff, but I lucked out on these ones I grabbed without even trying them on. Three years on, they have served me well. These jeans strike the perfect balance between comfort and style, allowing me to move freely while maintaining a chic silhouette. The cropped length adds a modern twist, making them suitable for both casual outings and social gatherings.

No outfit is complete without the perfect footwear, and as is often the case with me these days, I not without my favourite pair of Moda in Pelle leather sandals I found in Sue Ryder Huntstanton in August 2020. Another ‘Should I or shouldn’t I?’ purchase; I recall deliberating for a good ten minutes whether I should get them as I wasn’t too sure about the fit. Three years on, they are out to play every summer, and still going strong. Crafted with care and built to last, these sandals combine elegance with durability.

And of course, my latest find; interestingly, another one I wasn’t too sure at first. I laid eyes on it only a couple of weeks ago at the same community shop my top is from. I wasn’t too sure about the length of the strap and the embroidery down one side, but it was brand new and had a magnetic clasp closure – need I say more? At £4, it was a steal.

This Steve Madden handbag is the perfect finishing touch to my outfit. While I wasn’t convinced at first, the embroidered strap adds a unique flair to the bag, making it a true statement piece. With its practical size and magnetic clasp, it merges fashion and functionality and is fast becoming my trusty companion for any occasion.

Top: community shop, £3, Primark

Jeans: Willen Hospice, £8

Sandals: Sue Ryder Hunstanton, Moda in Pelle

Bag: community shop, £4, Steve Madden

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