Dining like a Pasha in Milton Keynes

For those not in the know, pasha means a higher rank in the Ottoman Empire political and military system, typically granted to governors, generals, dignitaries and others. Hence dining like a pasha is the sort… View Post

Repping Turkey on date night with traditional Çarıkçım shoes

Those who know me will know I am proudly Turkish and when the opportunity to collaborate with the Turkish shoemakers Çarıkçım came up, I was instantly excited. YEGÂNE, which means ‘unique’ in English, was my instant… View Post

Hamdi Ulukaya: Time Most Influential

TIME beat me to it when it unveiled their annual 100 Most Influential People of 2017 list featuring, amongst others movers and shakers, the Chobani CEO fellow Turk (and Kurd) Hamdi Ulukaya. Hamdi Ulukaya puts… View Post

Turkish Food in Milton Keynes? Yes, with Melis

Melis, the first ever Turkish restaurant – to my knowledge – in Milton Keynes had been on my agenda for a while. As a Turk living abroad, it is quite common to hanker for a… View Post