Charity shop chic: smart casual sourced by Oxfam

When a quick trip to Oxfam Superstore scores the perfect smart casual look

A couple of weeks ago, a meeting in Oxford meant I got to visit the Oxfam superstore. Located at the Oxford Business Park, this charity superstore is filled with one-of-a-kind finds, handcrafted gifts, homeware and more, both donated and from our own Sourced by Oxfam range.

Feeling under the weather and driving an hour and a half meant I had to cheer myself up and this massive charity warehouse definitely did the trick!

A quick lunchtime browse later, I had scored a pair of brown paper bag waist trousers by H&M, this cute check top with no brand name, and jewelry from Oxfam’s Sourced by Oxfam range.

Nursing the mother of all migraines on the drive home and wintery weather meant I had to wait until the sun came out to play to model these finds, which meant in those few days, I also found a pair of shades to go with this look, for the princely sum of 50p at a local community shop.

The only non-charity shop item is the black heels I got from TK Maxx a few years ago. Having not gone out much during the pandemic, still predominantly working from home, and gradually falling out of love with the high street means I rarely show brand new looks these days, except the odd sportswear or casual top at a supermarket clothing range. It is always amazing to see the amazing one-of-a-kind pieces one can score at charity shops!

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