Blue Monday or any other day, it’s okay to feel blue

It’s Blue Monday – the third Monday of January, and officially the most depressing day of the year. With New Year’s Resolutions already broken, a few too many pounds on the scales and a few… View Post

Why life is like riding a bicycle

Coming from a cycling newbie, this may be a bit rich, but it only recently occurred to me that life is a lot like riding a bike. This epiphany, of course, took place on top… View Post

Why you should put a spin on your exercise routine

To spin or not to spin – definitely one question we must have all asked ourselves at least once in a lifetime. Just the once because spinning is like the Marmite of the fitness world… View Post

Ten things that will definitely happen to you when you get a dog

Are you a cat or a dog person? I have never identified myself as either; in fact both labels annoy me equally as I’ve never wanted to choose between cats and dogs. The reason I… View Post

Rethinking pink with Max Factor Lip Trio

Last week was the week I got rethinking pink – apparently – from millennial pink culottes to pink lippy. Being sort of duskier of complexion with a mop of brown hair, I am not exactly… View Post