One man, 24 miles, 57,000 steps on the #LoveMKHateLitter journey

Ken Tomkins of Kaizen McDonalds takes on a 24-mile battle against litter in Milton Keynes With easing of the lockdown measures in the UK, as McDonald’s in Milton Keynes returned to 24-hour service on Friday… View Post

Fighting Litter in Milton Keynes with #LoveMKHateLitter

Joining the litterpick league to keep our city clean It all started with Milton Keynes based Laura Chapman’s tweet, challenging her followers to join her on a seven-day litter-picking challenge hashtagged #LoveMKHateLitter: Frustrated by litter… View Post

How to beat the Impostor Syndrome

Survey finds 87% of businesswomen suffer from Imposter Syndrome Have you ever felt like you’re a fake? Or that you’ve got a table at the seat by fluke? As women, we often question or skills… View Post

Rediscovering the joy of charity shopping

When your #OOTD is Top to Toe Charity Chic V.2 Easing of lockdown and reopening of essential shops in June meant some local charity shops are back in business. After three months of no clothes… View Post

Caring for Your Skin While Wearing a Face Mask

with Dr Thivi Maruthappu, Consultant Dermatologist at the Skin Health Alliance and OLAY Depending on your personal circumstances, wearing a protective face mask may have become the new normal. Wearing a facial covering for a significant… View Post